Bhatias are back~Marymoor Park, Redmond WA

My dear friends are back.  This always makes me overjoyed for the session.  I know how to make them laugh and what to talk about right off the bat.  Awkwardness averted!

This particular day we happened to watch the weather and got the only hour of the day that wasn’t a downpour.  There were gusts of wind and sprinkles that we could use for a great session.  We were lucky the weatherman was on point that day.  Due to the weather, no one else was at the park, which is always a plus.  I don’t need to wait while someone passes or have to crop them out.  It’s just me and the subjects goofing off.  I love it!

This family is very special to me.  We’ve gone on vacations together now for years with our family.  We call it going to crazy town (I have no real reason why, we just do). :)-  Ah the memories!!!  LOVE YOU GUYS to the moon and back!!

So here are my highlights!

IMG_8328 IMG_8363 IMG_8381-Edit IMG_8403-Edit IMG_8408-Edit IMG_8421 IMG_8427 IMG_8431-Edit IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8442 IMG_8450-Edit IMG_8461 IMG_8466 IMG_8475 IMG_8479-Edit