Benge Family~Tolt McDonald Campground



I had another group of extended family for photos last month.  Two of the families were clients previously so it was fun to see them all together!  That was a ton of kiddos!

I love watching cousins together.  I never had any my own age growing up so what a blessing that is to see. I’m so happy my own kids that this with their cousins too.  I thought they rocked the outfits.  I love the color combo and how they all still look different.  It was so hot this day, but we survived without melting.

Thank you so much for coming back guys!!  Here are my favorites from the session!!

IMG_0968-Edit-Edit IMG_0985-Edit IMG_0990-Edit IMG_1008 IMG_1113-Edit IMG_1129 IMG_1133 IMG_1149-Edit IMG_1177-Edit IMG_1195-Edit IMG_1201-Edit IMG_1207-Edit IMG_1222 IMG_1227-Edit IMG_1259 IMG_1288