Meet another bunch of Bartolettis~Family and Senior Photographer

If these guys look familiar it’s because they are related to a family I shot over the summer a few blogs ago.  They are also just as adorable and fun.  And we took senior photos in the session too at my favorite location this year.  We can still find all new backdrops here because these images were shot at a different time and it’s such a big place.  Still so much more to explore here at Tolt McDonald.  The sun does begin to hide behind the trees before sunset.  And it’s amazingly beautiful.

It’s that time for senior photos for the class of 2018 already!  As summer is flying by and school is about to begin again.  Next on my schedule is a wedding and business headshots.

Have a great last week while school’s out! 

This is a tiny glimpse into their session. 

Meet the Williams~Tolt McDonald Campground

Can you even stand how adorable this family is!  I am so happy they came to me for there portraits.  They are some more out-of-towners visiting family and scheduled a shoot.  I photographed the mom some years back before marriage and her adorable baby girl came along.

They brought along the adorable props.  The childhood heirloom chair, the giant pink balloon~I’m obsessed.  I think the 8-12 months age is just heaven.  They can’t run from me yet!  Everything that comes in their path is amazement and wonder.  I wish I could share the entire session!

*But here are my absolute favorites*

Meet the Yorks~Tolt McDonald Campground, Carnation

Here’s another fall favorite session of mine to share with you all.  A bunch of great people celebrating their parents with a session.  And it also happened to take place at one of my favorite spots.

When the youngest of the crew is 6 the sessions are a breeze.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like to work with adults sometimes.  They actually don’t make me run and listen.  Well for the most part!  Teeheeehee.  My favorite part was the cousins playing chicken on each others shoulders.  Not as easy as it looks.

My tip for shooting large families would be letting them tell stories about each other.  You are bound for some real laughs and unique expressions.

Here are some of my highlights for you guys.  Enjoy~


IMG_8053 IMG_8066 IMG_8088 IMG_8112 IMG_8126-Edit IMG_8138 IMG_8175 IMG_8190 IMG_8235 IMG_8255-Edit IMG_8258-Edit IMG_8262  IMG_8279

Meet the Freyberg/Myxters~Tolt McDonald Campground

I would like to thank Google for helping this family find me.  They are a wonderful loving family that come from my hometown.  So we had tons in common and quickly felt like old friends.  I used a fun little trick to get the doggies attention so they could join in with the smiles (one of my daughter’s squeaky toys). It worked like a charm.

This location is becoming one of my most used locations.  I love it and the size allows me to shoot in different spots every time.  Well I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into their lives with my favorites from the session.IMG_3479-Edit IMG_3518 IMG_3568-Edit IMG_3593-Edit IMG_3614 IMG_3625 IMG_3643 IMG_3646 IMG_3653-Edit IMG_3675-Edit IMG_3698 IMG_3727 IMG_3732 IMG_3757 IMG_3771

Meet the Boustedts~Tolt Mcdonald Park, Carnation

So I found a girl with the most energy I’ve ever seen.  Really!  We met and after than she ran and ran and ran!  So I tried to keep up!  I think I’m going to really consider taking up running now to keep up with these clients of mine.  It’s worth it because they are so vibrant and expressive.  But I know I was out of breath!! 🙂

The first part of our session was a normal shoot and then we transformed into her pretend world with a tea party and dancing.  I was tearing up when I saw the father daughter dancing.  I have a daughter and I want my hubby to do this.  These guys brought a cool experience along with them that was touching for me to capture.  Needless to say I love these guys!!

Enjoy my highlights!

IMG_1653 IMG_1692 IMG_1704 IMG_1711-Edit IMG_1743-Edit IMG_1750 IMG_1799 IMG_1818-Edit IMG_1846-Edit IMG_1853 IMG_1873-Edit IMG_1933 IMG_1699-Edit

Benge Family~Tolt McDonald Campground



I had another group of extended family for photos last month.  Two of the families were clients previously so it was fun to see them all together!  That was a ton of kiddos!

I love watching cousins together.  I never had any my own age growing up so what a blessing that is to see. I’m so happy my own kids that this with their cousins too.  I thought they rocked the outfits.  I love the color combo and how they all still look different.  It was so hot this day, but we survived without melting.

Thank you so much for coming back guys!!  Here are my favorites from the session!!

IMG_0968-Edit-Edit IMG_0985-Edit IMG_0990-Edit IMG_1008 IMG_1113-Edit IMG_1129 IMG_1133 IMG_1149-Edit IMG_1177-Edit IMG_1195-Edit IMG_1201-Edit IMG_1207-Edit IMG_1222 IMG_1227-Edit IMG_1259 IMG_1288

Meet Sage & Nicolas~Tolt McDonald Campground






I’d like you guys to meet a couple of miracles I know.  These two are so special to me…. I couldn’t possibly know where to begin except it’s a miracle they are both here with both of their parents.  I cry just thinking about it.  For awareness sake, this is the condition that almost took everything from them.

But here they are healthy and happy today.  They are surrounded by loving family and friends, thriving with happiness.

We all hug our babies a little tighter and longer because of them. I love you guys!

IMG_0659 IMG_0660-Edit IMG_0665-Edit IMG_0707 IMG_0689-Edit IMG_0738 IMG_0775 IMG_0790 IMG_0794-Edit IMG_0798-Edit IMG_0764-Edit IMG_0833 IMG_0835 IMG_0836-Edit IMG_0718-Edit IMG_0725 IMG_0763

Meet the Yorks~Tolt-Macdonald Park and Campground

I have some very special sessions coming up.  When I get the privilege of photographing the ones I love and cherish there is nothing like it.  How do I get this lucky!

And I’m hoping to share some exciting news about me with all of you very soon!  So stay tuned! 

With this family I thought I would highlight the photos of their daughter.  She has so much personality and was so fun to work with.  I don’t have too many teens on the blog so I wanted to show more of this genre.  I absolutely loved working with this family.  They have so much positive energy and fun together.  They were really close and loved to tease each other in such a cute loving way.  I was reminded a lot of my own family of three.

So here are just a few favs.  ENJOY!!

Thank you so much Chanelle and Keoke!  You are such an adorable family of three.  I know that you touch others lives in amazing ways.  I can see it in the love you have for each other. 

Meet the Benges~Tolt-Macdonald Park & Campground

We are quickly approaching the end of summer.  Back to the change of routine as school starts just around the corner.  I can’t wait!  And I know all you other moms out there are just as excited as I am.  😉  So I’ve been busy this last month with lots of family sessions.  This being a hot location with the cool bridge and all.

If you scroll back in this blog you will have seen these twins before.  I loved seeing them again and watching them grow to walking and talking and seeing them interact with each other.  It’s a cuteness overload!

Here are a few of my favorites.  Take a look at the little girl’s eyes lashes!  You are going to be envious!

Thank you Brittney and Dustin!  Your dynamic little duo are super adorable!  I am so happy so see your sweet family again.  They are such a treasure!