Meet the Edwards~duvall studio

I’m plugging right along.  I’m going to try to work as long as I can during this pregnancy.  So far I feel pretty good over all.  A few days here and there I’m uncomfortable, but pushing through.  I already feel huge.  I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in the next 4 months.  Boy oh boy!

I have found out I’m having a girl.  Which has been such a surprise and gift to us.  I really didn’t think it was possible since we have mostly boys on the Martin side of the family.  All I cared about was having a healthy baby that I didn’t set my heart on what I wanted.  So both of us are very excited to experience this new journey.

On to the highlights of this post.  Here we are with a six month photo shoot this sweet baby girl.  Time is flying.  And this time the family got in for some pictures.  I think they are a gorgeous family inside and out.  I decided to leave out a few of the best images out of this session so the family could be surprised when they see them for the first time.

I hope you guys enjoy these as must as I do.











Angela and Ian, I just love working with you guys.  I probably keep saying that over and over, but I really mean it!

 I love watching her grow up. 


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