Meet Endo and Jet

Sometimes the best location for a photo shoot can be your own home.  As it’s been for my last three sessions.  We can always find great places that have that special prop and background that no one else will have.  Then when you look back you love everything about your photos.  Oh that’s my house back in 09′ along with how sweet the kids look.  Or that’s the blanket that auntie made or your child’s favorite chair growing up.  The possibilites of items to use are endless.  If you’re unsure about your lighting or what would look good.  I will gladly come over and take a gander.  Plus, I get to know you better and this transforms an idea into a beautiful reflection of who I’m shooting.

The boys below are special to me.  I’ve know them since birth and get to see them weekly.  One has a sweet obsession with costumes and the other about the cutest smile around.  Here a couple of my favorite shots of the session.

Reiko, I was so excited to take your picture again.  Your boys are so full of life.  I love the way they play together.  I look forward to watching them grow up with Dylan.  And here’s to more zumba!


  1. Wow- these are amazing! And I love your writing above- might have to share with some of my clients who think their home isn’t “good enough” 😉

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