Meet bun in the oven #3

The gift of custom photography is truly one of a kind.  One of my latest sessions was a wonderful gift given by a previous client of mine.  I know that I’m bias because I think its one of the of best gifts you could get.  Moments like these are gone is a flash.  And it’s hard to remember exactly what we look like when we are pregnant.  I wish I had more than a few snapshots myself.  So if it ever happens again I’ll be signing up for photos. (Did I mention I have gift certificates available?!)

I can’t wait to meet little Charlotte.  She is going to arrive in a loving home with two big sisters to teach her everything she needs to know.  She is going to have tea parties, mock weddings, and princess dress up days ahead.  She already has amazing parents and sooooo much love coming her way.  Now that’s the way to enter this world!

Here are a few of my favorites.  I mention a few because I give a ton of images.  ♥

Thank you Roxanne and Brittany!  You are both amazing people.  I am grateful to have you as friends.  I feel like I share something special with you both.  I love all the little ones you guys have in your lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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