Meet Lola and Russel

How would you like to go on an adventure?  To a place right out of a storybook.  A secret hideaway with a serene pond filled with lily pads, hidden mushrooms, bright red leaves, crisp apples, and the smell is clean and clear.  You can run care-free without a worry, except for the big scary bear that has been spotted near the woods.

I hope these guys know I may be moving in soon.  I love it here.  How lovely it would be to disappear beneath the tall grass with a good book.

So here’s your chance to imagine yourself here.  Become and kid again and get lost in Lola and Russel’s playground.♥

Thank you so much Tonya for letting me capture your sweet children.  They are so full of laughter and love.  I just wanted to snuggle them and run around.  I can barely keep up.  I wish they stayed little like they are.  You are one lucky momma!


  1. I am in LOVE with Lola and Russel! These pictures are truly amazing! You have captured their sweetness and playfull attitudes 🙂 Fantastic!

  2. Oh goodness, they are so adorable, and you’ve done such a great job capturing the essence of childhood! Beautiful work!

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