Roman ~ Class of 2022~ Carnation WA

After a wonderful weekend away I’m back in the swing of things with a wonderfully busy week. Three sessions and an in person ordering session are coming up.

This wonderful session was adjusted for a time when the weather would cooperate. And I’m so thankful we did that because the light was beautiful that morning. We had a wonderful time capturing this awesome guys personality. I love connecting on social media and really getting to know your art and personality more. And i hope that is what you find when you connect with me.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel the need to share on social media. I love the idea of being a mystery and only letting in my inner circle. I felt like in order to draw in clients that I connect with I really need to share some things. And we all know there is a fine line with being the dreaded over sharer. All the influencers online were right. When you do share your quirks and likes and oddities you end up being around people you can really connect with and enjoy the whole process together. So I have embraced the method that was tried and true. And this being said I came across this family and I gain a new friend each session. I guess that saying of what you put out in the world is what you will get back. It’s a hundred percent correct. Be authentic and real online and you not regret that.

Remember to save some moments for yourself. Leave the camera home sometimes and be engaged on what’s happening around you. I only brought my phone this last weekend and it was great. I don’t have to edit photos from my trip and also worked on getting just the shots I needed. I also did a fun shot through my sunglasses because of what I was looking at through them. And I really am the girl who sees the world in rainbows.

So enjoy this slide. (and ride)