Meet the Strahans ~ Carkeek Park, Seattle

This family introduced me to this awesome park in North Seattle.  It has a beautiful beach with acres to explore and the trains pass through every hour.  So the kids were mesmerized.  We hiked a little of the trails during our session.  I can’t wait to go back and adventure further up.  We also saw the bubble man getting ready for a show.  So much fun will be had here at Carkeek Park.

What a wonderful family!  I can tell the outdoors are their place of choice.  We found lots of creatures and interesting rocks, moss, leaves, bridges, and watched the mass of sailboats.  My kind of morning!

Here are some of my highlights in the glorious, sunny, Seattle day.

Bhatias are back~Marymoor Park, Redmond WA

My dear friends are back.  This always makes me overjoyed for the session.  I know how to make them laugh and what to talk about right off the bat.  Awkwardness averted!

This particular day we happened to watch the weather and got the only hour of the day that wasn’t a downpour.  There were gusts of wind and sprinkles that we could use for a great session.  We were lucky the weatherman was on point that day.  Due to the weather, no one else was at the park, which is always a plus.  I don’t need to wait while someone passes or have to crop them out.  It’s just me and the subjects goofing off.  I love it!

This family is very special to me.  We’ve gone on vacations together now for years with our family.  We call it going to crazy town (I have no real reason why, we just do). :)-  Ah the memories!!!  LOVE YOU GUYS to the moon and back!!

So here are my highlights!

IMG_8328 IMG_8363 IMG_8381-Edit IMG_8403-Edit IMG_8408-Edit IMG_8421 IMG_8427 IMG_8431-Edit IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8442 IMG_8450-Edit IMG_8461 IMG_8466 IMG_8475 IMG_8479-Edit

Meet the Allgiers~Sky River Park, Monroe

I have a super fun session to post of some adorable friends. Loads of smiles and love shared between them.  It all started as a gift from the parents a while back (I won’t say how long back ;)) but we were finally together for the session this fall.

I loved the cooperation of PDA and rolling down hills, arm wrestling, and leaf wars.  WHAT A FUN FAMILY!!  Thanks for letting me made you all do crazy things.  And thank you to all the families that came to me this year.  I adore you all!

Many people are asking if they can bring their beloved animals to their session and the answer is a huge YES!  Just let me know ahead of time.  I think it adds something very special to your photographs.  It’s so fun to see their huge personalities.

IMG_7238-Edit IMG_7247 IMG_7278-EditIMG_7300


IMG_7395IMG_7400 IMG_7433-Edit IMG_7488 IMG_7552 IMG_7557-Edit IMG_7566-Edit

Meet Victoria~Class of 2016~Cottage Lake Park

This beautiful young lady actually lives out-of-state.  However, she was here visiting family and decided to have her images taken here.  I think she is stunning and sweet.  I also think that her doppelgänger is Kate Hudson.  Can you see the resemblance?!

I want to thank the kids at the park for letting us borrow their cool bike and her Dad for bringing his classic car.  This was during the hot, dry summer.  I thought for sure we wouldn’t find much green on the trees.  We lucked out with perfect light and greenery.  I couldn’t be happier with this session.

I wish you the best Victoria!!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful smile!  Here are my highlights!

IMG_3849 IMG_3853 IMG_3872-Edit IMG_3876-Edit IMG_3878-Edit IMG_3888 IMG_3899-Edit IMG_3964 IMG_4003-Edit IMG_4041-Edit IMG_4042-Edit IMG_4067 IMG_4115 IMG_4147 IMG_4175-Edit

Meet the Hughes~Golden Gardens, Seattle

I haven’t been to this location since I was a little girl.  If you want a great place to people watch.  I recommend checking out Golden Gardens in Seattle.  There are some spots that are private here too because it’s such a huge park.  And you can have a bon fire on the beach here!

I met this lovely trio at the beach.  We started right off throwing rocks in the water and explored the whole park.  One of the highlights were the baby duckies we saw and the caterpillar infestation.  They were literally all over the place.  Which was pretty cool, especially for a two year old.  I’m sure there are a ton of butterflies there now.

I really had a great time with this family.  I even brought my own kids, who were off playing with Daddy while I shot the family.  And then after we were done our kids played together.

Here are my highlights from the session.

IMG_1339-Edit IMG_1340-Edit IMG_1364 IMG_1401 IMG_1404-Edit IMG_1437 IMG_1440-Edit IMG_1447 IMG_1451-Edit IMG_1453 IMG_1471 IMG_1476 IMG_1497 IMG_1523 IMG_1541 IMG_1560 IMG_1587

Meet the Cooks~Lake Rasmussen, Duvall

This post is full of love and joy I just love these guys!  They have such an adorable little chubster with the most amazing lips!  You just want to squish him!!  We have lots of fun together.  I can only imagine the fun times ahead.  I feel very honored I got to photograph this trio.

I happen to have a pretty awesome little lake a few blocks away that I love to use for sessions.  So some of the shots are taken there and the others at my house.  I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorites.

IMG_8937-Edit IMG_8951 IMG_8966-Edit IMG_9019-Edit IMG_9033-Edit IMG_9039 IMG_9067 IMG_9088 IMG_9129-Edit IMG_9144 IMG_9171 IMG_9185-Edit IMG_9200 IMG_9195 IMG_9231-Edit