Meet the Nereson/Gades~private home

This was my last session of 2011.  This past year marked growth for my little business.  My passion hasn’t wavered.  If anything its burning a little hotter now.  So watch out 2012.!  I’m hoping to make it a fierce, remarkable one.  I’m going to work on speeding up my workflow, sticking to my schedule,  and jumping higher out of my comfort zone.  Oh yeah and breaking more rules, entering more contests, traveling, and exploring more genres of photography.

This session was so much fun.  They have such a sweet pooch and an amazing little boy.  His super smart vocabulary and energy kept me on my feet.  Mom and Dad are so involved teaching him how to do just about everything.  Even teaching him the art of fly tying.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from our session.  That last one really says it all doesn’t it?!  We had a great time together.

I can’t thank you guys enough for choosing to come to me.  You were even willing to sit in the wagon for me!  What great sports you guys are.

Meet the Jenkins~Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

So many changes are coming up folks.  The summer is ending and school starting.  Since I only have one child, who is starting the first grade, I’ll be left alone all day.  That sound fantastic, but my mind is in panic mode.  And I want to fill my time wisely.  So I’m hoping to book more clients during this ever so valuable time, hence my Back to School Special.  I’ll be volunteering at school and spending more time in my ministry.  I’ll also be trying things I never had before~like canning.  So here’s to change.

The family in this post is about the sweetest family you could meet.  As we spend more time together I have this feeling we are going to be life long friends.   Our friendship, in my eyes,  is such a positive one.  I always feel good, laugh, and are motivated to be a better person afterwards.

We headed to one of my favorite childhood parks, Farrel-Mcwhirter Farm Park in Redmond.  This park has animals to pet, huge areas of grass, and trails to explore.  They have a great preschool there too that some of my friends have sent their children too.  There is actually quite the waiting list if you want to get in.

Here are some of my favorites from our session together.

I appreciate so much that you guys came to me for your family pictures!  Your kids are so creative with all their ideas for shots and you guys were too.  I love a collaboration! Finding that tractor was a sweet surprise too.  I couldn’t ask for better support.  Thank you~thank you~thank you!


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Mother nature inspires me. 

I’m creating a photography bucket list.  On it will be all the ideas floating in my head that I was shoot.  In a couple of weeks I’ll be able to mark off one of the unique shots.  But my lips are sealed.  You’ll have to come back to find out exactly what I’m talking about. 

And if anyone wants to volunteer your newborn twins for me, that would be pretty sweet!  I might just give you a session for free!  That’s how much I’d love to have that opportunity!

Good Family Times

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So here are a few favorite shots from the weekend.   But I also have an ulterior motive!  I wanted to try out the slide show feature on my blog.  What do you think?  Do you prefer slide shows to still images?  I don’t really have a preference.  I think they both have their place in a post.

Cama Beach

This is just another family day in my life.  We do get together with family quite a bit.  This place stands out to me for a couple of reasons.  The shells on the beach.   The cabins you can rent.  The location was so close to home.  It was unique and definitely somewhere I want to go back.  Also some of my favorite people were there.  The ones we don’t see enough of because they live in the great state of Colorado.  If you live in the pacific northwest check out Cama Beach on Camano Island.  You won’t be disappointed if you love camping and the outdoors.

My sis listens to the ocean

Some of what you’ll see on the beach


This is my beautiful cousin Eliza.  She is very sweet and very shy.

I also wanting to share some fun items coming in the mail.   I ordered one of  these fun things from SheyB.  Since I’ve ordered camera straps they have added iPhone covers and guitar straps.  This is something totally unneccessary, but very fun!  I also ordered a lightsphere for my flash.  You can check these out on Gary Fong’s website.  But order it  through the search engine Bing and shop at   B&H for a cheaper price.   Now the hard part comes of waiting on UPS!  And after I use both I will write-up a little review.

Happy Sunday!

“Focusing on Angles” contest

I’m trying out a photo challenge.  I’ve been lurking this website for a while now and decide it was time to put myself out there.  If you love photography like I do I know you will love there site.   The theme this week is called “Focusing on Angles.”  I think she looks pretty angelic.   Enjoy~

The New Year

Time to start 2010! It’s just around the corner. Winter is in full effect over here. But I can look forward to spring, vacations, and new beginnings.

I’m not a fan of being cold. So I stay in during the winter months and always seem to have some cabin fever. I am not a fan of the dark either. But I do like the warmth of the fire, hot drinks, and skiing. Hopefully we’ll go this year. It’s on the pricey side right now and not in the budget, but we’ll work of finding some deals. Friday nights may be our best option. If anyone has good ideas of skiing cheap, let me know!

We found an amazing place to take your kids the other day. It’s called Sky High Sports in Bellevue. My body is aching in agony, but it was well worth it. I know I burned major calories and had a great time doing it. Dylan did not stop jumping the whole hour. And the website claims you burn 1000 calories in 1 hour. Anyway, it’s a sea of trampolines. They are everywhere you look, even on the sides. I think that’s where I got the hurt body from. Lonnie says it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen. Thankfully, I left the camera at home. I wanted to jump and have fun. I didn’t even bring my purse in. They also have this foam pit that my husband was doing flips and landing in. He was in heaven. I don’t know of another place you can practice this type of acrobats.

I was a little embarrassed after jumping in the foam pit it took me forever to hoist myself out. I know the kids were thinking, “hurry up lady and get out of the way!” We watched lots of kids doing some cool flips and spins. They also have a younger kid’s area, but I wouldn’t recommend this place for kids 3 and under. They will just get bounced around like a rag doll. I can not wait to go back!