Cama Beach

This is just another family day in my life.  We do get together with family quite a bit.  This place stands out to me for a couple of reasons.  The shells on the beach.   The cabins you can rent.  The location was so close to home.  It was unique and definitely somewhere I want to go back.  Also some of my favorite people were there.  The ones we don’t see enough of because they live in the great state of Colorado.  If you live in the pacific northwest check out Cama Beach on Camano Island.  You won’t be disappointed if you love camping and the outdoors.

My sis listens to the ocean

Some of what you’ll see on the beach


This is my beautiful cousin Eliza.  She is very sweet and very shy.

I also wanting to share some fun items coming in the mail.   I ordered one of  these fun things from SheyB.  Since I’ve ordered camera straps they have added iPhone covers and guitar straps.  This is something totally unneccessary, but very fun!  I also ordered a lightsphere for my flash.  You can check these out on Gary Fong’s website.  But order it  through the search engine Bing and shop at   B&H for a cheaper price.   Now the hard part comes of waiting on UPS!  And after I use both I will write-up a little review.

Happy Sunday!