Hughes Family~Farrel McWhirter, Redmond, WA

Could it be that after this year when I go to shoot a session I see families hugging tighter, kissing more, and laughing deeper belly laughs?! I’m going to say from my vantage point this is what I’m experiencing. I see the kids light up and talk more. I see and hear more about your family. Granted some of my clients are returning and we have a growing relationship. But I feel so different about the whole experience this summer and fall. Maybe we come out of this year with fresh more engaging connections with people. Especially the ones we meet for the first time. Maybe we are more open in the depth of our conversations. Maybe we smile more and compliment others more. Maybe we don’t do any of that but we show up for people when they need us. Whatever the changes are I feel they are good ones.

So whatever is attributing to this growth. I’m super proud to share these photos.

As we head into another round of lockdowns and restrictions try to take care of yourselves. Try to make the best of the days ahead. In the spring, I honestly didn’t do well. I did what I thought was all I could do. And now I know I was being too easy on myself. This time around I have a better routine and mindset. I had to make lists, make priorities, and push ahead. Anyways, I hope you guys all the best as we move forward.

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