Nora~Duvall in Home Session

The in home session is one of my favorites. It has all the elements to capture unique photos that you will treasure with your home in the background. Nothing could be more sentimental that where you bring your babies home to. So I thought I’d help you decide if this is right for you with some helpful tips.

  1. Open all the window blinds and shades and see how bright the room is and which one looks the brightest. That’s the room we want to shoot in for most of the session. If you have a nursery that is very special to capture as well. If your place is super dark in every room please consider coming to me.
  2. Decluttering will make the room look very clean and simple for the backgrounds. You probably did this while nesting and waiting for baby to come anyways.
  3. You have all the props you need handy. Just make a pile of special blankets or hats and text me the colors or pics so I can coordinate what I bring along. Sometimes I see things to use in your home that you hadn’t thought of and this can make an image go to another level.
  4. If you have siblings they have rooms to escape to and food on hand for breaks. This is sometimes a real lifesaver.
  5. The drive over to my place can put the babies into a deep sleep and as you take them out it’s usually harder to get them back to that happy place. I’ve noticed this is way easier at your home. They are’t knocked out from that cozy and warm ride. And a little less pressure on mom and dad.
  6. You don’t have to stress about the PNW weather. If it’s raining we have covering. So in home session are also great for family sessions without newborns.

I also have benefits of coming to my little studio. So I’m game either way. I have a backyard that I can use in the warmer months too. This is really pretty if we can get outdoors. It’s also calming for baby.

Well now I’d like to share this little sweet baby. Nora is a dream that this family prayed for. It was a joy to be around all of them and the beaming happiness they all shared. She was the most happy newborn I have been around. So many smiles you guys!!