6 months session with little Eva





Watching this little beauty grow up is such a joy for me.  But it’s going too fast!  I’ll blink and she’ll be walking and running. She has some gorgeous baby blues doesn’t she!!

During the six month session they are my captive and can’t run. I love it!  I get tons of huge belly laughs and smiles.  Usually lots of drool still  spilling out, but I’d don’t mind that!  Drool on baby!   As usual, we have lots of fun!  Here are some of my favorites!♥


IMG_7396-Edit IMG_7401 IMG_7420 IMG_7429-Edit-2 IMG_7464-Edit IMG_7463 IMG_7474-Edit IMG_7475-Edit IMG_7449 IMG_7511 IMG_7535 IMG_7534 IMG_7533-Edit