Meet the Wiggins~Snohomish, WA

Well after enjoying some yummy “moose tracks” ice cream I’m ready to show off some more gorgeous faces on the blog.  I wish I could bottle up the energy that these two little ones have.  I’m not sure the energizer bunny could keep up.  😉  Its good practice for me though.  Because I also have a little mover and shaker on my hands.  My little 10 month old will soon be walking or shall we say running.

This shoot was at their lovely home.  It is perfect for these two to run and jump around to their heart’s content.  This was the second time I’ve photographed the boys.  So I was pretty excited to shoot them all.  The littlest one was so into the session.  I LOVED it!  They are both just way too cute!

I can’t even tell you guys how much I love the freedom you give me with these lifestyle sessions.  Each time I walk away with my permagrin smile that I’m sure was there the whole two hours.  Thank you all for supporting me!!

Here are my favorites of some of my favorites!IMG_4873

IMG_4898 IMG_4929 IMG_4877 IMG_4874  Well normally I would put my thank you on the end of my blog post, but for some reason word press is not cooperating.

So anyways, I wanted to thank Kyle and Tasha so much! 

You are wonderful hands on parents.  I can see how much the boys love you both!  I feel like they would be great at sports with all that energy and climbing ability.  IMG_4837-Edit IMG_4835 IMG_4824 IMG_4815 IMG_4800 IMG_4793 IMG_4768 IMG_4767