Meet the Yorks~Tolt-Macdonald Park and Campground

I have some very special sessions coming up.  When I get the privilege of photographing the ones I love and cherish there is nothing like it.  How do I get this lucky!

And I’m hoping to share some exciting news about me with all of you very soon!  So stay tuned! 

With this family I thought I would highlight the photos of their daughter.  She has so much personality and was so fun to work with.  I don’t have too many teens on the blog so I wanted to show more of this genre.  I absolutely loved working with this family.  They have so much positive energy and fun together.  They were really close and loved to tease each other in such a cute loving way.  I was reminded a lot of my own family of three.

So here are just a few favs.  ENJOY!!

Thank you so much Chanelle and Keoke!  You are such an adorable family of three.  I know that you touch others lives in amazing ways.  I can see it in the love you have for each other. 


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