Meet Cruz~private home

Right before I came down with the worst cold I’ve had in so long I was able to meet an adorable little guy who stole my heart.  I can’t stop smiling when I go through his pics.  I just loved how he would look at me and grin.  He knew it was picture time and he loved it.  The girls are going to chase after this one!

When I was there I must say he had the coolest toy ever.  A giant toddler roller coaster.  If you want to be Grandma of the year, go and get one of these!  They are awesome!  Oh and he also had the coolest John dear boots ever.  So cute!

Here are my favorites from our session.  🙂

Thank you so much Summer!  I feel so honored to meet and photograph your family.  You are raising such a sweetheart!  Your home was so lovely and filled with so much joy and love.  Now every time we go to Salty’s I’ll think of you guys!! 


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