B is for Baby Bump


There is something about that glow on a pregnant woman.  You can feel her warmth, her love, and her fantasy about what’s to come.  There’s no fear of sleepless nights or a million dirty diapers to change.  And let’s not mention the crying.  I know….., long ago, I was that person.  That state of bliss lasts at least 4 months.   And I enjoyed every minute.  So why shouldn’t you.  Soak up the doting people around you.  Eat what you want.  Hang you head high.  Strut your stuff.  You own it girl.   You are about to hop on the roller coaster of your life.  That bliss may wear off, but you are about to experience something different.  Something you can never quite explain to someone else in words.  You have to live it to know what I’m talking about.   All I know is that motherhood is worth every last bit of your blood, sweat, and tears.  It’s the hardest most fulfilling  job you will ever have.

Needless to say, I love photographing a mama to be.  Don’t ever let that moment pass without documenting it.

These images are part of a new package I’m offering in the progressive pregnancy package.  This is our second session.  She is 6 months along here.  Doesn’t she have the cutest, tiny baby bump.

Thank you so much to Holly and Josh for letting me be the one photographing your journey to parenthood.  I am honored.


  1. LOVE the lighting in the first one! It is wonderful that you can capture this special time in your brother and sister-in-law’s life!

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