Meet Sydney

Welcome to the world sweet little Sydney.   She’s soft, teeny tiny, and full of rolls you want to pinch.  She smells wonderful.  She is full of everything special and nice.  What a great job I have to spend time with great friends and their beautiful children.   This was our first meeting today.  I was so glad to see that mom is doing well too!  You were already looking like a pro, Amy!

This may sound funny, but I’m a sucker for a birth story.  Everyone’s is so different and exciting.  I used to read a lot of them online.   So hearing hers what a highlight of the shoot for me.  That and getting her to sleep through the shoot.  I’ve been trying to figure that one out and finally have!  HOOOray!

Thanks for allowing me to photograph your little bundle of joy!


  1. alishaw says:

    She is just gorgeous!! Those cheeks and squishy little arms are to die for! Love the tutu!

    1. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

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