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Meet Josiah and Cami~Bear Creek Country Club


Seeing and feeling another person’s happiness can be contagious.  You walk away feeling butterflies yourself!  And the couple below is very special to me.  Cami is one of my oldest friends.  She was a bridesmaid in my own wedding so many years ago.  So I have countless memories to share about her and I.  We […]

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Wine Tasting

So I’m one of those annoying people who has their camera attached to them like a third limb.  You just never know when something cool will land in your direct view.  Right?!  Well, last weekend I was lucky enough to have a girlie outing in the wine country.  This just happens to be in our backyard.  It’s […]

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The Wedding Expo in Seattle

Here’s our display at the wedding expo this last weekend!  It was a success as far as trade shows go.  Now we will be busily following up on our free giveaways and potiential clients.  This new display seemed to catch the eye.  We’ll probably be adding more photos to it next year.  Oh, and if […]

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