Trevor + Jadyn~Wedding~Liljebeck Farms

This wedding story took place at in Woodinville. The venue has literally every finishing touch you could imagine. They even have a wall with your initials carved out in a heart of every couple who got married here. I’ve never seen a better bride or groom room either. The space and all the decor was meticulously picked out for a romantic rustic feel. And it’s very spacious. I sat with the owners at dinner and they felt we were old friends. It was a delight to sit and chat with them.

And these details tho. They are absolutely amazing and tell me that they adore Jadyn and Trevor to pieces. Spending this much time on parties is something I know well. I have thrown a few myself and really admire the details. We did first looks with dad and the groom and special gifts were given in private. Which led to so many emotions throughout the day.

Zooming the wedding was well thought out and very interactive with the venue video and breakout rooms with the bride and groom. This venue has a photo booth and license signing area that is off the charts. This cake was made with pressed flowers on the outside. It was breathtaking and made by the brides sister. The flowers were made my the talented Shana Vallimont. She blows my mind. And that macramé backdrop was made by @fibersbyren. She is beyond. Check out that talent. Wow!

I know this day probably went by in a blur to all the guests and wedding party, but I felt the slow motion and the calm peace of it all. An intimate wedding lacks nothing in my mind. It is very different from what we know. But your family and close friends are your support for the future and the present. Being able to celebrate each one of them and for them to be able to see and interact on this level with you and your love is more. More conversation and there is more time for slideshows and speeches and pouring your hearts out to each other. I was moved to tears quite a few times watching and documenting these special moments. It really hit me because I have a little sister getting married in a few weeks.

Being able to capture this wedding was such a honor for me. I enjoyed sharing every sneak peek and interacting with all of you readers. You guys know how to make a girl feel amazing and want to happy dance and sing all day. I cried editing all these photos. I’m a dreamer and get lost in the moments as I go. It’s a miracle I ever finish editing ….really. But I do. I work every single day until my eyes are red and can’t take the screen anymore.

I know these two are a perfect match. Thank you for coming by and sharing your love with me.

Thank you Jadyn and Trevor for entrusting me with your special day.