Tatiana & Chris~Woodinville Wedding

Tis the season of weddings. This one was a month ago today although it feels like it was yesterday. Time is just speeding on by.

It was a day filled with beauty, fun, happy tears, and a big loving family. It took place at an airbnb that had a barn off to the side. A very beautiful place if you can find it in Woodinville. This is my hometown in wine country. It’s know for the hot air balloons and many wineries.

Tatiana and I connected on instagram. So keep posting your work. This avenue of marketing yourself does work. It’s just takes consistency and sharing who you are so someone is comfortable enough to reach out. We had our bridal consultation on zoom. Which was a new way to chat that I may just keep doing out of the sheer convenience for both parties. There were some other perks and for this bride who lives out of the state it was the only thing we could do.

I hope you enjoy my take on their story of this epic day.

They have about 800 more images included. But this set will have to do for my blog.


Congratulations Chris and Tatiana!!!