Meet the Campbells~Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland

I’m very excited to share this session with you guys.  It’s full of joy, laughter, love, energy, and one serious baby.  I met this family through a referral of one of their sisters.  Since they were such a lovely family I was not surprised to find out these guys were also awesome.

We literally had one beautiful sunny pacific northwest fall day that we happened to pick for the session.  At the park there were at least 3 other photo shoots happening at the same time.  I had to ask if I could borrow a tree another group was using.  That’s a first for me.  They were taking a break so we claimed the tree.

And today happens to be another beautiful day so I’m off for another family session.  But first I hope you love my highlights.  I have so many great images these guys received three times my ballpark number promised.  I wish I could share them all but that would take you guys forever to look through.  So here are a few to peruse.

Eric + Morgan ~ A Chapel on Swans Trail, Snohomish

This is the second wedding I captured in September.

Morgan was referred to me by a friend and client of mine.  Thank you Teresa, for sending this gorgeous lady to me.  We connected at the bridal consultation with some dental stories right off the bat.  I thought she was very sweet and I was excited to celebrate with her on her special day.

The venue A Chapel on Swan’s Trail is beautiful.  You can read more about it if you click the link.  I loved the swing in the front and the light coming in the building.  The wedding was outside on a beautiful day and serene setting.  What more could a girl ask for?!  I appreciated all the details the bride had at her wedding.  Each detail was unique and added a special touch.

Enjoy the perspective~

IMG_6171 IMG_6174 IMG_6164 IMG_6240 IMG_6202-Edit IMG_6214-Edit IMG_6246 IMG_6263 IMG_6339-Edit IMG_6315 IMG_6296-Edit-2 IMG_6373 IMG_6522-Edit sweets IMG_6229 IMG_8990 IMG_6430 IMG_6536 IMG_6569 IMG_8906 IMG_6728 IMG_9122 IMG_6769 IMG_6875 walking down IMG_6967 IMG_6973 IMG_6982 IMG_7030 IMG_7177

Meet the Boustedts~Tolt Mcdonald Park, Carnation

So I found a girl with the most energy I’ve ever seen.  Really!  We met and after than she ran and ran and ran!  So I tried to keep up!  I think I’m going to really consider taking up running now to keep up with these clients of mine.  It’s worth it because they are so vibrant and expressive.  But I know I was out of breath!! 🙂

The first part of our session was a normal shoot and then we transformed into her pretend world with a tea party and dancing.  I was tearing up when I saw the father daughter dancing.  I have a daughter and I want my hubby to do this.  These guys brought a cool experience along with them that was touching for me to capture.  Needless to say I love these guys!!

Enjoy my highlights!

IMG_1653 IMG_1692 IMG_1704 IMG_1711-Edit IMG_1743-Edit IMG_1750 IMG_1799 IMG_1818-Edit IMG_1846-Edit IMG_1853 IMG_1873-Edit IMG_1933 IMG_1699-Edit

Sonny & Brittany are engaged~Black Diamond

♥Our family just keeps on growing.  We have a newly engaged couple!!

This was my first time meeting Sonny. So I was excited to get to know him and them as a couple.  All the animals and my little baby loved him right off the bat, which I think says a lot. Of course he is a great addition!

It was a fun shoot that included Boomer, their pet hedgehog.  We also included their two horses and their doggie.  I definitely felt right at home.  One of the horses had blue eyes.  This was something I had never seen before.  So I had to Google this and came to this website with different breeds that also have blue eyes.  Pretty cool huh!!  I also learned this factoid: Sometimes a horse can have one blue eye and one brown, or even have eyes that are mixed blue and brown in the same eye.

Here are some of the highlights…..



Oooooh cute little Boomer ^^.  You are wayyyy too cute!











Thank you so much Sonny & Brittany.  Lonnie and I wish you the best and look forward to spending family dinners with you guys!  xoxo

Meet the Bonsers~Denny Park, Kirkland

Another session at the golden hour.  And to have photographed a lovely, beautiful family.  What a lucky lady I am!

We corresponded over a year ago about this session and it was worth the wait.  I had such a fun time with them and the kiddos.  Denny Park has such beautiful scenery!  It was such a clear day and not too crowded.  It’s a great beach to take the kids on a hot summer day. It’s composed of 46 acres. There are four fields along the Lake Washington waterfront between Holmes Point Drive and Lake Washington. On the other side of the road are several trails through the woods. Winding up the Denny Creek Ravine, you are surrounded by tall trees of our native forest.  We used the huge magnolia tree and the bridges along the pathway.  Also there is a playground for the kids to play.

I had a lot of fun playing with the sun in our pics.  So here are my favorites!  Enjoy!♥














Thank you so much Roland and Rebecca!  You have wonderful kiddos.  I could see you are great parents and so in love. 

I couldn’t ask for better people to be around!

Meet the Cherians~Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park

I have a very special session I get to post today.  This lovely couple asked about going to the Seattle Olympic Sculpture park during the golden hour.  What more could I possibly ask for?!

  • A gorgeous location with interesting unique backgrounds~check
  • A gorgeous, fun couple in love~check
  • Yummy beautiful light at the end of the day~check
  • An awesome mom willing to watch my kiddos onsite~check

Yep, I am one lucky lady!  The images speak for themselves.  We had a FUN time! Enjoy!















Thank you so much George and Laya!  You came with so many wonderful ideas.  We could have hung out all evening.   

I feel like an old friend now.  Thanks for sharing your love!

David+Tera~Swans Trail Farms, Snohomish

I’m very excited to share my latest work since having my baby. ♥♥♥

Tera and David are such a beautiful couple inside and out.  I’m so happy I got to know them even better. I loved every detail they had at this gorgeous wedding.  First off, there is this amazing venue called Swans Trail Farms.  Every inch of this place is pretty.  You could have an outdoor or indoor rustic wedding here.  Sitting peacefully along the banks of the Snohomish River this lovely historic farm offers both scenic views of Mt Baker and the northern Cascade Range as well as quiet pastoral scenes of the surrounding river valley. The outdoor facility is a renovated barn overlooking a large pond and wetland area that is fed by a beautiful waterfall and stream.  Doesn’t that sound awesome!

Tera’s dress was handmade by her mother!  I’m sure it took countless hours to stitch.  I wish I had that talent.  But I’ll stick to photographing such beautiful things!  One other thing that touched my heart was the wedding talk given by her father.  It was so personal and heartfelt and yes, a tear-jerker.

It hit home because I have a wonderful relationship with my own parents.  My dad was working with me that day and my mom also came to help with my new baby.  They are both my two closest friends besides my husband.  I love them so much.  And it was pretty special to spend that day with them both.

So here are the highlights from my point of view!



























Thank you so much Tera and David!  Everywhere I looked I saw love that day.  I entered a safe heaven of family and friends

who all adore you both.  Here’s to forever with your best friend in life.  I wish you both joy and smiles! 


Meet the Ranganathans~Juanita Bay Park

This last Saturday I met up with this adorable couple to take family photos that celebrate their eight years of marriage.  We headed to a great locations at Juanita Bay Park. They have such wonderful positive energy surrounding them.  I can tell they enjoy life and enjoy it together (being around people like this is one of the perks of my business).  I fell in love with their dog, Meera, who has lots of energy and spunk.

Every time I go to this location I see many other photographers using this spot.  That day was no exception.  I like to find spots that don’t have a million onlookers watching us.  I know that would make me nervous if I was the person on the other side of the lens.

I learned something from this couple.  I will never take for granted that my family is all within driving distance.  I would miss them immensely if I could only visit them once or twice a year.  Thank goodness for the internet to stay in touch!  So this blog is dedicated to the Ranganathan and Phadke family in India!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family’s happiness and love!  I had a wonderful time trotting around the park with you guys and left enlightened and happy myself.  Here’s to a lifetime of happy years together!

Party Time~Kirkland Woman’s Center

Do you have a party coming up?

I love to be a fly on the wall snapping special moments.  Moments that you could forget if they weren’t documented that day.  This party was a 30th wedding anniversary with love oozing everywhere.  We did a ton of formal shots in our live photo booth set up, but I wanted to share some of the candids and a few of the details.  There were eye candy all over.  If you’d like to see the formals and more of the party go here.

Priceless= having a great laugh with a friend

a 30 year romance

This picture reads a thousands words for sure

A huge thank you to Mike and Prins for asking me to capture this party!  I am honored to be around so much joy.

Neil & Melissa: the perfect match

This country wedding was full of romance and passion.  The couple is the perfect match for each other.  They fell in love at the same place they said their i dos.  After a long two-year engagement the day had finally come.  I fell in love with all the details from the guys in their Carharts to the horse and wagon that led Melissa to the altar on the sand at the river.  To view more of this fabulous wedding you’ll have to go here.  There are still many more to be uploaded so check bac


Melissa was so excited to get married.  Her joy was beaming from her face.  I remember feeling that way myself so it was exciting for me to watch her!

Randi was the make up artist and hairstylist.  You can find her at the Rouge Beauty Bar.  Her number is 425 314-3133.  She did a fabulous job on Melissa and was great to work with!


So these are just a few of my favorites.  Also check out  They catered the wedding and I loved it!