Eric + Morgan ~ A Chapel on Swans Trail, Snohomish

This is the second wedding I captured in September.

Morgan was referred to me by a friend and client of mine.  Thank you Teresa, for sending this gorgeous lady to me.  We connected at the bridal consultation with some dental stories right off the bat.  I thought she was very sweet and I was excited to celebrate with her on her special day.

The venue A Chapel on Swan’s Trail is beautiful.  You can read more about it if you click the link.  I loved the swing in the front and the light coming in the building.  The wedding was outside on a beautiful day and serene setting.  What more could a girl ask for?!  I appreciated all the details the bride had at her wedding.  Each detail was unique and added a special touch.

Enjoy the perspective~

IMG_6171 IMG_6174 IMG_6164 IMG_6240 IMG_6202-Edit IMG_6214-Edit IMG_6246 IMG_6263 IMG_6339-Edit IMG_6315 IMG_6296-Edit-2 IMG_6373 IMG_6522-Edit sweets IMG_6229 IMG_8990 IMG_6430 IMG_6536 IMG_6569 IMG_8906 IMG_6728 IMG_9122 IMG_6769 IMG_6875 walking down IMG_6967 IMG_6973 IMG_6982 IMG_7030 IMG_7177