Maple and Main~Lifestyle Headshots~Duvall

These lovely ladies came back for a fresh set of images and I could not be more thrilled to work together. They are sisters who also work and thrive in the real estate business together. It’s truly inspiring to see. I’m inspired to share more and put myself out there. Scary as that seems it’s worth the risk.

There really is no better place than the outdoors and textures of the home for this setting. And add a little charcuterie board and wine and the magic of the golden hour to create a fun setting. Oh and we blasted the music and danced around. You wouldn’t believe the power music has to help us feel at ease and forget the nerves. So I highly recommend using a playlist of your liking during your next session.

So I was thinking how we can all help others to grow and be that highly respected boss lady we all want to be. What can we do? Could we share tips or open a door for someone.? Could be do more for free and give back? Could we promote someone’s business online by commenting more or sharing? Could I take the time to write more reviews for small business that could help them flourish? Or could I take the time to talk with a stranger just to see more smiles in the world? Whatever we do, we are in this together. We can fix each other’s crowns.