Branding~Redmond City Hall

You’ve probably heard this term and wondering, ‘Am I branding my business well?’ This is what I read at Branding Mag,
“A strong brand is a powerful bridge between an organization and its customers. It is both an image and an emotion that arise when they think about the company, the product, or the need that they satisfy. No matter how small a role a business plays in a consumer’s life, if it is well branded, there are far more chances for it to linger in their memory and create positive feelings that will come up opportunely (at purchase time!)”

So how important is this for a small business? Well to put it frankly it’s all you have really. You have a saturated market in which you need to stand out in. Do you want to use a trendy batch of photos? If you want to reinvent yourself over and over. This is going to cost you over time. Or you can us timeless, strong emotive, story telling images. What can you say in these images? Remember your images can either under or over value what you have. So it’s not a decision to take lightly. You can tell people you are loyal, honest, approachable, kind, free spirited, reliable, motivated, or whatever adjectives you desire.

I felt like I was interviewing a client last week. I asked what do you want your clients to know about you? What kind of business do you have and so on. I was chuckling inside. How did I get here in this place. Well over time I’ve worked with so many professionals and really took an interest in challenging myself to take that standard portrait with the white background and see what I could do with it. I was pushed by clients and myself to see what creative buttons I could activate in my mind to take it further and deeper. Well I don’t share much of my work in this genre. But I love this session and how we were able to get all these shots in the short amount of time and sprinkling rain. Which is very normal in our area.

Whatever you decide. I hope you succeed. And I’m here to support you.

Thank you everyone for supporting me!