Maurers~Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Hello September!

And hello to one of my favorite families. These littles are always on the move with tons of energy to burn. They keep me running. And with all this extra pandemic weight I need all the running I can get. I love the style these guys bring and all the laughs we share. We have become friends over the years together so it’s surreal to watch the kids grow up before my eyes.

Remote learning has begun in our area. I want to wish all you families the best. So far so good here. But I know it’s going to have its challenges. Let’s take it one day at a time and realize we are in the same storm in different boats. We will get through the waves and dump out the extra water from our boats. We can do hard things.

Here we go to a brand new month with brand new pages of our story. What will yours be?