Maple + Main

Welcome back friends. Here we are three months of lock down later. I have waited all this time to share my last session before that all happened. I had some personal things creep in that led to emergency surgery and all the homeschooling to deal with. Much added stress as to what would happen to our business. They say we are all in the storm but in different boats dealing with different things. Which I agree with wholeheartedly. So anyways, I’m here. I can work again soon and I’m lining sessions up. And this seemed like a good time to catch up on the blog.

I had a great time with these gracious ladies at the Arboretum in Seattle. This place is an awesome location for a session. I happened to see a worker and asked for their ideas on the best location. They didn’t disappoint with the directions for a 2 minute walk that had all we needed for business photos and headshots. I want to add that if you don’t like driving into Seattle this is the ideal place. It’s one of the first exits and is very easy to get to. I definitely want to go back soon.

Right now, real estate from my perspective seems to be booming. So if you are considering listing your home come over and check this team out. Maple + Main can find your dream home and lifestyle to match. They have years of experience in this market and pacific northwest locations. I feel honored to have captured their personalities and been able to work with such a wonderful team. If fact, I’ve know the sisters since I was 9 years old. It’s wonderful to watch woman grow successful, kind, motivating, and inspiring leaders. They move me to keep getting out of my comfort zone and press forward. It can be hard when you get so used to being at home in comfy clothes eating all day.

I hope you all are staying home as much as possible and are staying healthy. This has been hard for us all. The challenges we have faced are sure to strengthen us for the future to come.