Meet the Catersons~Bellevue Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite captions I chose for an image from this family’s gallery kept replaying in my mind.  “My greatest treasures are the people I hold close to my heart.”  This rings true for me.  My hugs, kisses, and affection are saved for my most precious people on this planet.  What a gift you’re giving  when you allow me to view your moments so freely.  I try to encompass it all in my camera and gift it back to you with a string bow on a small flash drive.  And spread it on the web like melted butter on warm crusty bread. 

But really I’m the one that grows each time I go through this process.  I connect with all of you individually and direct you to connect with each other.  Sometimes it’s super challenging to jump out of my comfort zone each week.  Every session seems to be quite different that the next.  But the commonality of it all is the kind, sweet nature of you guys.  Somehow I’m attracting the exact clients I want.  Which I have to attribute to the referrals, and also the awesome small town I live in.  

This family arrived with amazing energy and love for each other.  I adored the dancing, poses, and their willingness to be authentic.  You guys get me.  And I feel pretty ecstatic about it.  My little business is blooming into a beautiful garden.