Maurers~Craven Farm, Snohomish

My favorites are back.  And this time we trekked around a pumpkin patch that I’d never been to.  Craven Farms in Snohomish is such a great place to take the family.  I had a little time to grab a cookie and devoured it.  I walked around and saw mini golf, a little petting farm, apple sling shots, a wagon, ride, corn maze, and the kids fav duck races (plastic ducks to be clear).  There were so many people everywhere sometimes this can be a challenge to get them out of the frame.  You could photoshop them all out  but that’s time consuming.  Believe me I’ve done that.  So I try to avoid just clicking away.  The pumpkin patch was a good area to shoot and the garden area off to the left side.

I have so much fun with these guys I feel like I’m just with my friends.  🙂  And as you can see they are beautiful and super fun to capture.  They have great humor so I left the glasses in the tree on the family shot.

 I hope you all are enjoying this fabulous fall.  I’m about to make some cookies over here for the kiddos.  Here’s to fall cooking and yumminess. And she may have stolen the show.