Sterling & Denaje tie the knot

What an amazing day.  I’ve been so excited to post this, but I had to catch up first and try to blog in order.  I didn’t expect to be so emotional, but the bride is like my baby sister and my daughter was one of the flower girls.  What a surreal day.  So much happiness and hard work going on from our loving friends.  Everyone came together and created a fabulous wedding.

And to my surprise my daughter did her part without a hitch (small meltdown during photos).  But during the ceremony she held her partner’s hand, sat through the ceremony with dad, and walked back down with smiles.  I can not even believe it.  Since she’s only two and a half I thought any small part would be good.  She amazed me.

My father-in-law gave a very touching talk.  I can’t imagine how that would feel knowing them since birth.  I’m sure he was holding back some tears as well.

The night progressed with a wonderful meal, three hot air balloons in the sky, epic dancing, sparklers, and a vintage car exit.  I have to thank my dad for staying later than me to capture the end of the night.  He is the best second shooter I know!  LOVE you dad!

I love these two as family and can’t wait to make our memories to come.  May your love abound to no end.

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