Lincoln//2 weeks


Welcome to the world this sweet beautiful baby boy.  He’s a dream.  He smiled, he snuggled, he slept so soundly, and he was just too precious.  It was a glorious sunny day in the pacific northwest.  We went outside for some family photos and decided to do some of his portraits outside in the sun.  He loved it and the doggies were digging’ in also.

This was our second session.  In case any expecting mamas are wondering about sessions,  I highly recommend the nesting package so you can have me capture your maternity and the newborn images.  Ask me about it!

What a pleasure to work with this adorable family!  Here are some of my highlights from the session.  <3

Jack + Heidi~University of Washington Campus


Happy Spring everyone!  This is the second time I’ve been able to plan a shoot at the exquisite cherry blossoms in full bloom at the university.  Although, it felt like a million people around it was worth the commotion for the beautiful surroundings.

The day didn’t quite start off that great.  My husband had sprained his ankle and had to go to an urgent care clinic.  Thank goodness I can call my mom to save the day.  She watched the kids and my crippled hubby on crutches while I headed out.  Mom….I owe you one!!

Driving to Seattle I was able to refocus and relax while walking to meet my clients.  This session was a combination of an engagement, family, and head shots.  I look forward now to the wedding in the fall at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.  I know they will be making each other laugh and enjoying every minute that day.  Their love radiates around them.  I was no match with my one liners.  I think I’ll be learning some new ones.  I was cracking up.

Here’s my highlights of some wonderful people!

Meet the Yorks~Tolt McDonald Campground, Carnation


Here’s another fall favorite session of mine to share with you all.  A bunch of great people celebrating their parents with a session.  And it also happened to take place at one of my favorite spots.

When the youngest of the crew is 6 the sessions are a breeze.  Sometimes I forget what it’s like to work with adults sometimes.  They actually don’t make me run and listen.  Well for the most part!  Teeheeehee.  My favorite part was the cousins playing chicken on each others shoulders.  Not as easy as it looks.

My tip for shooting large families would be letting them tell stories about each other.  You are bound for some real laughs and unique expressions.

Here are some of my highlights for you guys.  Enjoy~


IMG_8053 IMG_8066 IMG_8088 IMG_8112 IMG_8126-Edit IMG_8138 IMG_8175 IMG_8190 IMG_8235 IMG_8255-Edit IMG_8258-Edit IMG_8262  IMG_8279

Sterling & Denaje tie the knot


What an amazing day.  I’ve been so excited to post this, but I had to catch up first and try to blog in order.  I didn’t expect to be so emotional, but the bride is like my baby sister and my daughter was one of the flower girls.  What a surreal day.  So much happiness and hard work going on from our loving friends.  Everyone came together and created a fabulous wedding.

And to my surprise my daughter did her part without a hitch (small meltdown during photos).  But during the ceremony she held her partner’s hand, sat through the ceremony with dad, and walked back down with smiles.  I can not even believe it.  Since she’s only two and a half I thought any small part would be good.  She amazed me.

My father-in-law gave a very touching talk.  I can’t imagine how that would feel knowing them since birth.  I’m sure he was holding back some tears as well.

The night progressed with a wonderful meal, three hot air balloons in the sky, epic dancing, sparklers, and a vintage car exit.  I have to thank my dad for staying later than me to capture the end of the night.  He is the best second shooter I know!  LOVE you dad!

I love these two as family and can’t wait to make our memories to come.  May your love abound to no end.

temp-2 temp-1  IMG_3624 IMG_5322-2 IMG_5319 IMG_3666 IMG_5548IMG_3717 IMG_5382 IMG_5398 IMG_5404 IMG_5508 IMG_3682 IMG_5523-Edit IMG_5587-Edit IMG_5684 IMG_3776-Edit IMG_5725 IMG_5961-Edit IMG_9570-Edit IMG_4000 IMG_6068 IMG_9609 IMG_9652

Meet the Freyberg/Myxters~Tolt McDonald Campground


I would like to thank Google for helping this family find me.  They are a wonderful loving family that come from my hometown.  So we had tons in common and quickly felt like old friends.  I used a fun little trick to get the doggies attention so they could join in with the smiles (one of my daughter’s squeaky toys). It worked like a charm.

This location is becoming one of my most used locations.  I love it and the size allows me to shoot in different spots every time.  Well I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into their lives with my favorites from the session.IMG_3479-Edit IMG_3518 IMG_3568-Edit IMG_3593-Edit IMG_3614 IMG_3625 IMG_3643 IMG_3646 IMG_3653-Edit IMG_3675-Edit IMG_3698 IMG_3727 IMG_3732 IMG_3757 IMG_3771

Sterling + Denaje ~ Engagement Session, Bassetti Gardens Woodinville


I can vouch that its hard watching kids grow up.  This girl I have watched from birth.  It’s crazy to me that it’s really this time in her life to get married.  If it’s this hard to watch a little sister you know how hard it must be to let go and watch your own child.

Growing up I had a couple who were always and still are there for me.  We are the best of friends.  They have become family that I treasure.  And I hope to be that for these two.  I love them dearly.  They are a wonderful pair that I am very proud of.  The future is bright and rich awaiting them.  And the ceremony is only a few weeks away now.


IMG_3184 IMG_3174-Edit

IMG_3146 IMG_3103 IMG_3085 IMG_3040 IMG_3022-Edit IMG_2989 IMG_2980 IMG_2955-Edit IMG_2934 IMG_2919 IMG_2888-Edit IMG_2877 IMG_2869 IMG_2839 IMG_2834-Edit IMG_2824-Edit

Meet the Mendozas ~ O.O. Denny Park, Kirkland


I am thoroughly loving the summer!  I’m trying to make the most of beach and lake days in this 90* weather streak.  I hope you guys are having as much fun.  We still have another month to play.  Then I’ll be working some weddings in September.

This family of three I have met one time dressed as rednecks for a party.  So now we were able to see each other without costumes on.  Hehehe!  And I was able to meet their daughter.  She was adorable and so articulate.  We had a fun session together.  I hope we cross paths at another dress up party.

Here are my favorites from our session.

IMG_2047 IMG_2065-Edit IMG_2073 IMG_2098 IMG_2104 IMG_2117 IMG_2132 IMG_2259-Edit IMG_2236 IMG_2262-Edit IMG_2243 IMG_2313 IMG_2291-Edit IMG_2386

Meet the Boustedts~Tolt Mcdonald Park, Carnation


So I found a girl with the most energy I’ve ever seen.  Really!  We met and after than she ran and ran and ran!  So I tried to keep up!  I think I’m going to really consider taking up running now to keep up with these clients of mine.  It’s worth it because they are so vibrant and expressive.  But I know I was out of breath!!🙂

The first part of our session was a normal shoot and then we transformed into her pretend world with a tea party and dancing.  I was tearing up when I saw the father daughter dancing.  I have a daughter and I want my hubby to do this.  These guys brought a cool experience along with them that was touching for me to capture.  Needless to say I love these guys!!

Enjoy my highlights!

IMG_1653 IMG_1692 IMG_1704 IMG_1711-Edit IMG_1743-Edit IMG_1750 IMG_1799 IMG_1818-Edit IMG_1846-Edit IMG_1853 IMG_1873-Edit IMG_1933 IMG_1699-Edit

Meet the Hughes~Golden Gardens, Seattle


I haven’t been to this location since I was a little girl.  If you want a great place to people watch.  I recommend checking out Golden Gardens in Seattle.  There are some spots that are private here too because it’s such a huge park.  And you can have a bon fire on the beach here!

I met this lovely trio at the beach.  We started right off throwing rocks in the water and explored the whole park.  One of the highlights were the baby duckies we saw and the caterpillar infestation.  They were literally all over the place.  Which was pretty cool, especially for a two year old.  I’m sure there are a ton of butterflies there now.

I really had a great time with this family.  I even brought my own kids, who were off playing with Daddy while I shot the family.  And then after we were done our kids played together.

Here are my highlights from the session.

IMG_1339-Edit IMG_1340-Edit IMG_1364 IMG_1401 IMG_1404-Edit IMG_1437 IMG_1440-Edit IMG_1447 IMG_1451-Edit IMG_1453 IMG_1471 IMG_1476 IMG_1497 IMG_1523 IMG_1541 IMG_1560 IMG_1587

Meet the Orozcos~Woodinville Family Photography






I have so many sessions to blog!  At some point this summer I hope to catch up!

Here is a very special one.  We are celebrating 35 years of marriage here.  Sharing a special gift from the kids to them.  I am so thankful to be a part of this.  They are such a loving family!  I am honored to have them as friends!

Here are some of my favorites!

IMG_9405 IMG_9344-Edit IMG_9321 IMG_9355 IMG_9658-Edit IMG_9676-Edit IMG_9687-Edit IMG_9397 IMG_9553-Edit IMG_9434 IMG_9616-Edit IMG_9521

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