Meet the Andries~Kirkland Waterfront & Heritage Park

Here we are at the close of summer.  My last session in the summer sun.  School has started up again and we are right back in the routine of things.  Back to Football games, corn mazes, and pumpkins spice lattes.  I ♥ fall.  But I was also sad to see the summer go.  I will miss the beach days.

We traveled to Oregon this year to camp in a new place.  Took a great journey with family and friends to the Cove Palisades.  It was a beautiful spot with zero mosquitos and campfires.  Score!!!

So after returning I got to photograph some more of my adored friends.  They have three little beauty queens that are beaming with joy.  They just celebrated 17 years together.  What a special thing to honor.  I was so happy to capture them.  They can see the wonderful bright future ahead of them.  I wish I could post all the pictures, but I had to choose my favorites.  So I hope you enjoy these.

∗I thought I would share a useful tip on making your kiddos smile and laugh for pictures.  Just use some bathroom humor.  It works every time!!  Ok now say “butt cheeks”…..

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