Meet Josyln and Scarlet~Madison Park

Lately, the number one question I seem to be getting is what type of sessions do you like to shoot the best.  I think they are looking for an easy answer.  But to me it’s a complex one.  I know its a good thing to specialize, but I know I would get bored and frustrated to be locked into one genre.  So here is my best answer.  I love children.  I love romance.  I love connections.  I love sessions that don’t need to be forced.  The emotion is real, its worn on their sleeves, open for the world to see.  Kids do this naturally.  Weddings and parties are exploding with it.  Maternity shoots are oozing of it.  And the reason I love capturing nature has to do with my love of abstract art.  I grew up gravitating to it, painting, and drawing it.  So even on a business session I played with the background and really enjoyed it.  Not to mention the beautiful people who laugh with me.

So I am going to keep expanding and growing.  Who knows what kind of sessions lay ahead of me……  April 1st I had some changes happen for the business.  It’s exciting for me.  I’m getting busier and busier. Knowing that my son will be in school full days next year I’m happy to spend more time with my passion.   Thanks for all the supporters and clients.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys!

These two lovely girls were my last session at a great park in Seattle.   I really enjoying chasing them around in their matching polka dot dresses!  They reminded me of myself as a little girl.  I had the same fine, wispy hair.  Oh the care free days of running in the grass!

Thank you Jenna for bringing your beautiful girls to me.  They are so precious and sweet!


  1. Melissa says:

    What adorable little girls, and love their outfits!!

  2. lesley says:

    What sweet girls! The MaryJane shot was a great idea!

  3. Autumn Branscome says:

    These are cute Amber!

  4. Christy F says:

    Precious girlies you perfectly captured!

  5. Candy Howard says:

    Cute little sisters!!

  6. amy says:

    aww these are so sweet!

  7. robin says:

    What precious little girls!

  8. Such precious moments, great job!!

  9. Krista Lund says:

    these girls are so sweet!

  10. Melissa M. says:

    What a fun sisters session!

  11. emily says:

    Love all the colors!!

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