Meet Olivia and Penelope~newborns

I have to warn anyone with Baby Fever.  This is not the post for you.↓  The warm and fuzzy feeling will only intensify as you scroll through and lay your eyes on these dolls.   A few oohs and ahhs may even come out uncontrollably.  Before you know it you’re all flustered, plotting ways to make that baby fit in your purse, and make a swift getaway.  If that’s not you then sit back and take a peek.

Olivia and Penelope were born early and just released from the hospital a few days before they were photographed.  They were so teeny tiny and I’m sure they have already grown since last week.  I couldn’t get enough of them.  Twins fascinate me anyways, but make them this size and I’m transfixed.  They were somewhere around 6 pounds and about 3 weeks old.   

A huge “Thank you” to their parents for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my desire to photograph something so special and sweet.

I hope I can photograph more babies soon ♥


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