Lens Flare and a Monkey

The bloggity needed an updo.  I hope you like the larger images and clean, modern look.  The picture above was just some practice lens flare.  Yesterday was a perfect autumn color for me to run outside with a tripod in my hand.  Do you think I can get any nerdier.  I don’t think so.  Some people (ahem ahem)  think lens flare is a drastic mistake in photography.  I don’t believe that all.  I LOVE it.  Especially in the right situation.

Here is the skinny on lens flare: 

Lens flare is the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms, such as internal reflection and scattering from material inhomogeneities in the lens. These mechanisms differ from the intended image formation mechanism that depends on refraction of the image rays. Flare manifests itself in two ways: firstly as a haze across the image, making the image look “washed out” by reducing contrast and color saturation (adding light to dark image regions, and adding white to saturated regions, reducing their saturation), and secondly as visible artifacts.

Flare is particularly caused by a very bright light sources either in the image – which produces visible artifacts – or shining into the lens but not in the image – which produces a haze. Most commonly, this occurs when shooting into the sun (when the sun is in frame or the lens is pointed in the direction of the sun), and is reduced by using a lens hood or other shade.

For good optical systems and most images (which do not have a bright light shining into the lens), flare is a secondary effect that is widely distributed across the image and thus not visible, though it reduces contrast. Lenses with large numbers of elements such as zooms tend to exhibit greater lens flare, as they contain multiple surfaces at which unwanted internal scattering occurs.

Below is the MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO effect.  Someone got his own 35 mm camera with real film.  He is loving it.


Our family is in transition mode.  My husband has opened a store in the Tukwila/Southcenter area called Discount Direct.  Hopefully, he will have a day off soon.  I miss him!  If you are in that area go and check out the store.  You will not be disappointed.  You’ll find staple items like toilet paper, diapers, cleaning supplies, food, ect… all at 70% off retail.  They also have big items like TVs and furniture.  If you scroll down on my blog you’ll find the Facebook link that will have the address and hours.  Happy shopping folks!

Oh and Happy Fall. 

The leaves are falling and the wind is blowing.  Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes.  The mornings are crisp and frosty.  I’ve got my crock pot out and I’m ready to bake.




  1. Every photo is so WOW.I love to scroll it up-n-down so many times.Very Nice.

  2. monica says:

    Love the lens flare Amber! Your little one shooting his camera is so sweet!!! 🙂

  3. Pam says:

    great flare! and what a cutie your little one is. great job.

  4. Veronica aka Vergramica says:

    It warms my heart to see Dylan really liked his camera. I think it will come naturally to him and give him a great creative outlet since he doesn’t enjoy drawing or coloring. As for the lens flare… it looks nice when it is supposed to be there. 🙂

  5. kelly says:

    Love lens flares. Shooting into the sun is tricky too. Beautiful job.

  6. Erin says:

    Great shots! I love the lens flare. I need to learn how to do that!

  7. Melissa K says:

    Awesome lens flare!

  8. Tanja Pack says:

    very nice flare!!! that is an awesome shot!

  9. Courtney says:

    Very pretty! Nice work!

  10. I heart lens flares. Nice work.

  11. I adore yours web blog design, which theme do you use? please comment back.

  12. I used modularity lite. Thanks for asking. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  13. hoho your post reminds me of very funny thing my pal did, he walked on to soaked napkin, screemed “wqgasdgb” and fell… + tray flew to plouse of nearby stander, this happened at our engagement lol…

    Well story short, you have written quite nice article, makes me crack a smile.

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