Highlights of our Trip

We’re back from Disneyland.  Back to our new routine.  I have no more days of sitting around in jammies all day.  We are in full steam ahead mode accomplishing a ton.  I can’t say I’ll be over here eating bon bons and watching the soaps anytime soon.

Disneyland with the family was fun, crazy, loud, funny, unique, scary, adventurous, and exhausting.  Does that put it in a nutshell for you?!  We consumed tons of sugar, went on a million rides, and hid from anything wearing a costume.  Our kids do not like adults in costume!  Period!  Now, if you look like a child or are at their height then we can talk, but otherwise stay away from places like Goofy’s Kitchen.

There were a few times I was actually hiding my tears.  The first time was went I saw these two hugging and nuzzling up to each other.  Celebrating 40 years is a big deal.  They really are still madly in love.  I wasn’t quick enough to capture what I saw, but it touched me.

The second time was when we were walking along the mickey boulevard just past the first entrance.  We came across a singing quartet.  We volunteered our love birds to go up and sing with them.  My father in law was having his shining moment professing his love to my mother in law to all that surrounded us on the street.  He may have only had one word to sing, but he sang it with all he got!

Lucky for me, I had my sunglasses on.  Awwwww! 

I just thought of a third time I lost it was when we had dinner on their anniversary at an adorable Italian restaurant called Naples.   My sister-in-law carried on the airplane 3 bottles of wine from the house they grew up in that is now a winery.  So that along with a card that we all signed, in their words were pulling a John Wayne move!  For those of you too young to know who that is, it means you were crying like a baby.  What a great trip. 

I know I will never forget seeing this guy have so much fun!

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  1. I'm Kristen says:

    Aw! I love Disneyland too and all these memories are so precious 😀

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