Meet the Expecting Sisters

This photo shoot was sort of a fantasy for me.  Three pregnant sisters that look amazing.  I’m not sure it gets better than that.  I almost think you couldn’t make that happen if you wanted to.  But they prove me wrong because this was planned.  They are within weeks of each other.  So time with tell how far apart they actually deliver. 

This type of shoot would definitely be on my photography bucket list.  Well, it would have been if I could have thought it was actually a reality.  I guess that’s the cool thing about this job.  The unexpected falls on your  lap and appears out of nowhere.  I don’t think I want to limit myself to any one genre.  Some may say that is not smart, but live and work the way you want to.  You can make it happen!


  1. Lauren says:

    Cute! I like the one of them sitting on the edge of your tub.

  2. Ki says:

    What an awesome experience! I love the umbrella shot.

  3. ordips says:

    I also love the umbrella shot.. IT’s really wonderful.

  4. Anya Coleman says:

    So cute!Nice photos!

  5. Wow – they planned it??? I wonder how the hubbies felt about that hehehe – amazing!

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