Thomas are back~McCormick Park, Duvall

Let’s start off with a quote from Jerry Seinfeld.  “Having a two -year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” Yes they keep going and going and going like the energy bunny.  And if you could bottle that up and sell it you’d be a millionaire for sure!  

Some of my favorites are back.  This guy just turned two and loves to run.  He adores his family and their dog.  He’s also a great eater, loves to be swung around, new to jumping, and loves noises in the sky.  I love the curiosity and spunk.  We met at the golden hour and the backgrounds were dope.  If your littles can hold out this long in the day schedule for this time.  It’s just magical in the images. 


I may have to start a punch card for you guys!  Thank you so much for returning every year!!