Meet the Morrows ~ Told McDonald, Carnation

Hello Autumn!  

As you can see, the trees are turning in these images.  It’s my favorite time of the year for sessions.  This one had the rain to challenge me, but I think we managed to bypass, and use this building to our advantage.  Sometimes you need more creativity that others.  These challenges are great practice for weddings and events that can’t be rescheduled due to weather.  And the pnw has so many days like this.  You can still get wonderful light and color tone.

These are friends of mine.  They are truly a wonderful family with giant hearts of gold.  We had lots of laughs together as we usually do.  I really love capturing my friends.  It’s a little more carefree and I can be even more goofy than I usually am.  You can expect more blog posts and images due to all the sessions coming.  Thank you so much for all the referrals and coming back for another year of images with me.  This is my jam.

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