Maternity ~ in the studio and Lake Rasmussen

Happiness is on the way for this adorable couple.  I should say more happiness is on the way because I could see all the love they have for each other.  Their energy was contagious.  It was such an honor to capture and share.  What can be more beautiful than a pregnant mamma glowing with the miracle of life coming?!  I remember feeling  so proud of my baby bump. I wanted to show off those curves whenever I got the chance.

I can’t wait to meet the tiny little human that’s almost done cooking.  And I can’t wait to see those faces looking at him.  Ahhhhhhh …. it’s going to be magical.

Here is a tiny little glimpse into their session.  I gave them a gigantic amount of images.  I couldn’t help it!

IMG_1221 IMG_1209 IMG_1226 IMG_1259 IMG_1280 IMG_1316 IMG_1322-Edit IMG_1409 IMG_1240-Edit IMG_1438-Edit IMG_1609 IMG_1620