Meet Charlie

When Dylan was younger someone I knew pretty well would tell me she had dreams of kidnapping my baby.  At the time, I was like ok crazy!  And held my baby a little bit tighter.  I get it now!  I really do!  I could seriously take this little one home with me!  She is so sweet.  Her laugh is contagious.  And her eyes light up so bright you feel alive.  Ok, so I’m not going to take her, but I can still dream right?!  LOL!

This one below may just be my favorite!

Thank you Charlie for playing and laughing and just being you!


  1. Naomi Roestel says:

    An extra big THANK’S to Dylan for his entertainment! The photos are so great Amber, you did a wonderful job. You picked some of my favorites (above). Thanks a million!

  2. what a cutie!!!

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