The Unexpected

On today’s adventure to Green Lake we came across some amazing scenes.  The first was a young woman laying on her stomach with her cowboy boots up in the air.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel sneaky enough to snap the shot without her knowing.  Although, I doubt she would have cared.  She probably would have thought it to be flattering.

The second were these adorable turtles basking in the sun.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in the northwest outside of a zoo. 

Green Lake is another place you don’t want to miss if you are ever near Seattle.    As a bonus you might just run into Dave Matthews.  Two of my friends have seen him in the last week.  One was almost ran over by him and the other walked next to him on the trail.


  1. How adorable are those turtles? They seem to be looking at something far in the distance. Hmm, I wonder if they’re waiting for any other turtles? 🙂 Love the composition of the second shot! Thanks!

  2. Lauren says:

    That is so crazy .. I would never expect to see turtles hanging out like that in the great Pacific Northwest. So cool you got to see it!!

  3. How fun- my kids would love to see some turtles in the wild.

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