Fitness Shoot

Here is my girl, Nicole!  Doesn’t she look fabulous?!  She’s been training for almost a year now at her gym.   I thought the facility was superb.  Check that out here!  

Someone asked me if this was inspiring to shoot someone so in shape.  My answer was, “Well I ate a bag of M&Ms afterward!”  So I joked about it.  I was a little bummed that I wasn’t looking that good!  I was so strict with myself up until having two jobs.  I do try to fit working out in where I can, but you guys know how that can go.  I did all the classes and actually ate right.  So maybe I have fallen off the wagon a little.   So my real answer would be yes, I am inspired! 

My favorite classes to take are Zumba and Spinning!  And if I can skip the gym and go outside to run I would much rather do that!  So here’s to being healthy in every way!  I hope these pics inspire you!


  1. You both inspire me! Amber, you make me want to be more creative. Nicole, dang girl, I’m headed to the gym *NOW*!

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