Jerome ~ Class of 2022 ~ Bothell, WA

Appropriately we took an adventure to take these photos. Just as he closes out the childhood adventure to start a new adult one. We hiked through sand and down stairs in the drizzle and overcast. It was the only few hours with light rain. I’ll tell you why we didn’t reschedule. I’m 100% used to this PNW weather. In fact over the years that’s mostly what I shoot in. I don’t work on every sunny day here. I’d never get to spend time with my family on that kind of day if I did. When it’s sunny here it’s glorious. There is a beautiful smell in the air and everyone is in a good mood. So we don’t take those days for granted.

But guess what, the overcast is soft and flattering. The sky acts as a giant flash for me. In fact I never pulled my flash out for this session. I hiked it around with me but never thought it would add to the images. That was just a personal choice. Artistically, I loved the layers and colors the way I saw them that day. And check out this guys shining smile. It’s contagious right! He’s just like me, our eyes disappear when we are really showing that true genuine happiness.

I turned 45 this year. And maybe you think how does this old lady get connections with grads? Why would they laugh and have such a great time together? Well when you are short and love kids in general you just look like a big kid. And having my own kids they give me insider tips on what’s cool and believe me what’s uncool. So I’m been schooled!

You are right though. Being able to connect with all ages and strangers is not easy for most people. I was trained all my life by my faith and career choices before this one. I remember at my first dental assisting job only two of us were 19 and the rest in their 30s and 40s. I learned so much from that team. We did a ropes course one time that blew my mind. I was 100 or so feet up walking across a log declaring my regrets and hopes and then jumped down. I shared so much with them.

Every time I have a session with a grad I reflect on that time in my life. And I’m so happy about the choices I’ve made. And that’s what I wish for you guys. It’s a great time to flourish and squash those dreams you have. Pick a job you really love. To explain how much this job makes my heart skip a beat. Monday at 11pm I was asked to do an upcoming job that just is everything to me. I ran to my computer and started finishing up this session. I was completely a buzz. And I was completely exhausted till I got the message. So pick something that scares you and gives you butterflies. That’s my two cents.

I hope you enjoy Jerome’s video and my favorites from his gallery!

Congratulations Jerome!!