Dylan~Class of 2022~Duvall

Fall is a great reminder of just how beautiful change can be. In the midst of the beautiful change I get to put those cozy sweaters and boots on and watching the leaves spread out in the air like confetti. I get out my warm blankets and get the fire going and become that homebody I love so much.

It seems that senior year is just like the fall season. It’s beautiful and quick, leading you to a glorious change of pace and environment. Just like that you are here. Ready to toss your books like leaves thrown in the air. Ready to say goodbye to the old routine. I see you and the thoughts swirling in your head. I see your confidence and nervous smile. You’ve got this just like this handsome guy.

It’s an honor to capture you and all of your many looks. What an amazing bunch of seniors I’ve been privileged to capture this year. And I even have a pair of twins to photograph in the next week.

Right now I’m booking in December. Which can be beautiful winter scenery. Great for newborns in the studio and headshots. I have a bunch of branding sessions coming up as well.

Thank you for all of your support!