Cosette~Class of 2021

Part glamour and part country girl at heart.

Capturing Cosette was pretty much my dream session. Literally every part of it. We started at Marymoor park to watch her sparkle. And ended at her horse barn to meet Leo. What a gorgeous group I got to be around. And her dress is everything. I just adored it. And Daisy her dog was also along for the fun. One of the kids playing near by thought she looked so gorgeous and gave her a shout out.

I give her all the props for finding little spots to change including the car ride to the barn. That was very ingenious. So congratulations to her and all the class of 2021. It was like none other and hopefully not one that we will repeat. But I am glad for the lessons in resilience.

Now I’ll just let the images do the rest of the talking.