Ensign Family, Fall city, WA

All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

~ Ed Sheeran

My beautiful friends are back for another session. As you will see we had lots of fun. So much joy captured in this fun place called https://thousandtrails.com/washington/tall-chief-rv-camping-resort/ . This is an awesome place with so many amenities. I saw mini golf, a pool, a clubhouse with a giant tv. It looks like glamping. I’d love to stay here in the future.

Over the weekend my friend made a video of her father that absolutely captured his whole personality and essence. Even if you hadn’t ever met him you felt like you knew him after the video was over. She’s truly an inspiration to me and this is my goal at every session. That can be very hard to do in 60 minutes or so. But I’ll be working on this with all my heart and soul. The images need to speak those 1000 words to anyone who picks it up.

Thanks for coming by to see what I’m working on.