Susan~Maternity~Farrel- Mcwhirter Farm Park

MOM turned upside down is WOW.

Working with expecting moms gives me all the feels. There is always a sense of calm and warmth. And to meet moms in my own community is really a gift. I live in a pretty small town. Every store or park you usuallycouvt on running into someone you know. And now working with all the awesome families here, this happens so much more. It’s a wonderful feeling just like “Cheers” where everybody knows your name.

Summer is the best time here with the concerts and movies in the park. I see tons of smiling faces and get to dance(you know I LOVE to dance)! It’s time to make the most of these last few weeks of summer. Let’s sleep in and go camping more one time. 😛

Until then, I”ll be awaiting 3 births after these maternity sessions this month. I am so excited to meet each one. And I’m very exciting for the wedding next weekend.