Austin~LWH~Class of 2020

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Starting off the class of 2020 is this handsome guy. I photographed his brother a few years back and now it’s his turn. He definitely brought his swagger and his A- game. And Mom was the best second pair of eyes I could ask her. She adjusted clothing perfectly and was a major help.

I’ve shot at this location so many times. It has it all with the bridge, barn, and gorgeous landscape. And I had my new lens to work with. Senior photos are easily one of my favorite genres to shoot. I have many lined up already for this summer and fall. I can’t wait to capture and collaborate with you. In fact, I get texts from clients all the time. One this morning telling me a plan to make my photo dreams come true. So much planning is beforehand in emails and texts. When the day of the session arrives its go time. “Action”

Here’s a fun fact about me. I was a thespian in school. And that nervous feeling before you go on stage. I still get that rush the minute a session starts. So I hope you pick a career that gets you excited everyday and the blood pumping. You won’t regret it!